4 Ways to Stay Productive (and Sane!) During the Lockdown

Posted 6th of April 2020

4 Ways to Stay Productive (and Sane!) During the Lockdown

As the U.K has entered lockdown due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, many people have found themselves working from home or taking an unplanned leave. Social media is filled with people who sudden awash with boredom or just aren’t performing as well as they would when they worked in an office. This is completely natural as most people unless they already worked from home, will need an adjustment period. However, being in lockdown doesn’t mean you are damned to an endless Netflix-and-snacking routine. On the contrary, you can be just as productive during the lockdown and once it is over, you can even emerge as a better version of yourself! 


If you’re looking to keep your wits and be productive during the lockdown, these steps could come in handy:


  1. Keep a routine: The single easiest way to fall into a pattern of unproductivity is to lose sight of your routine. Sleep and waking whenever and not keeping track of the days and weeks makes it impossible to achieve anything and this is the first thing to keep in mind. Decide on sleeping and waking time and keep it consistent day-to-day. Most people thrive when they are operating within routines and this must be maintained, lockdown or not. Set alarms if you have to and keep to it as much as possible.

  2. Set deadlines: Deadlines exist for many reasons and one of them is that they keep us on track with our productivity. If they are not in place, we take our tasks less seriously and sometimes, never get around to doing them at all. If you do not have any deadlines from your place of work, set deadlines for completing various tasks and make a list of daily goals to achieve. Because there is no existing timeline for most people due to the lockdown, create your own to ensure productivity. 

  3. Exercise: Exercise has a plethora of benefits, both physical and mental, and these are more important than ever. If you already engage in a form of exercise that can be done from home, maintain your routine during this time. If you don’t, now could be a good time to pick up an exercise. Many gyms and personal trainers are hosting online workout sessions on various types of exercise and this could be the time to pick up a brand new hobby. Keeping fit will not only give you something to do but will also help keep you alert and productive.

  4. Pet projects: With the extra time that you might have on your hands, now could be the time to embark on a number of pet projects. These could include DIY home projects, sorting through a part of your home, learning a skill online and so on. Consider any tasks that you have been pushing back and take them on!


This period of lockdown does not have to be an unproductive one for you. Whether you are embarking on working from home, school work or simply want to put this time to good use, follow our above guide to stay safe and sane during the lockdown.

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