Advertise with Spree


Participation in the book ensures effective, widespread coverage for your business and it is proven to markedly increase your profitability.

All that is required is an approved exclusive promotional offer for inclusion in the Spree Book.

Once you have done that, Spree will publish your incentivised advert in our books and ensure that your advert reaches a large market.

No money changes hands between your Company & Ours.

The brand strength of Spree and the partnership with the local community together with your exclusive promotion offers you a unique winning combination.

To find out more about advertising with Spree, please call 01224 621000 or alternatively you can submit an email to


The Spree Book is a unique, incentive driven guide to the best of your area. Unlike conventional marketing methods, you pay nothing!

It's a professional and attractive publication which any business establishment would be delighted to associate with.

The Spree Book can comprise several distinct sections:

  • Restaurants & Family Dining
  • Informal Dining & Takeaway
  • Leisure & Recreation
  • Shopping & Services
  • Health, Beauty & Wellbeing

**If you wish to Advertise with Spree please register as a Merchant CLICK HERE


  • Spree's fundraising programme has raised over £2m for schools, charities and community groups
  • Its easy; no outlay - immediate results
  • Spree supports you all the way
  • Low cost, low risk investment - no overheads, high returns.
  • Tested and proven concept
  • Experienced assistance to set up and run your business
  • FREE Advertising for Spree Merchants.
  • Customise your Spree offers and Deals easily on-line.
  • FREE business listing with Spree's business directory.