Support Your Local Business Norwich

Posted 20th of April 2020

Support Your Local Business Norwich

Due to the current situation, many businesses were shut down this caused small local businesses to suffer. Even after the pandemic, we will need to support these local small businesses through their recovery time. The government is doing everything in its power to provide financial relief, but there is so much that we can do too.



Shop locally; see for your favourite businesses the changes that they are going through. There are many who needed to just close, but there are also quite a fewho now are offering online ordering and home delivery.


Positive reviews; If you are home now do you remember that amazing time you had at a local restaurant or even a small boutique. This is a great time to share your opinion with the world. A review cost you nothing, but during these challenging times, it can truly help a local business.


Avoid refunds or try to postpone a cancellation; Many businesses over subscription services or memberships. Even though you can’t utilize your subscription now you will be able to do so as soon as this unique situation is over. It is crucial for small businesses to have some sort of small income and those few pounds can make or break a business that size.


Purchase Gift cards; Everyone is now struggling to find the best things to buy as a gift. Purchasing a gift card showing the small business your trust and support. Also, what better thing to give someone who is obeying the lockdown than a possibility of future experience.



Local businesses are essential for our economy. They are the new and unique small changes to our everyday life. These businesses now need our help to make sure they will reopen once they can. No matter how you can help every little thing makes a difference, so get online and start supporting your local businesses today. 

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