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Reflexology by Nadine - The Hair & Beauty Lounge, 20 Highland Road, Norwich, NR2 3NN

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Reflexology by Nadine

Individualised Reflexology treatments offered by Nadine at the Hair & Beauty Lounge in the heart of the Golden Triangle, Norwich.

In my career as an adult nurse for over 10 years, the one thing I saw again and again was the negative effect not putting ourselves first (or even second or third) has on our health. We work long hours, we are on call 24/7, even sleeping with our mobile phones so we never really switch off - this constant 'doing' is too much to ask of our bodies. We need to slow down and find the time to relax and recuperate if we want to stay healthy. This way of thinking is gaining popularity. Doctors and other healthcare professionals are among the growing number of people who are advocating positive lifestyle choices, including relaxation and complementary therapies for optimum health. With so much research now being done to confirm the positive benefits reflexology can have on our health, it is becoming the first choice complementary therapy for preventative as well as restorative care. So what is Reflexology? It is a deeply relaxing treatment, with its origins dating back thousands of years. Based on the theory that all organs and systems are mapped on the feet, it uses non-invasive techniques to bring balance to the body - supporting the amazing and complex job it does every day. How exactly does it work? There are many theories, but consider that the feet have over 7000 nerves endings which connect to every organ in the body and this will begin to explain how communication is possible from feet to head and everywhere in between. Come and try it...with a treatment plan tailored to you, free parking and the added bonus of not having to go into the city, I promise you will not be disappointed!


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