23/10/2014 11:50

We’ve been really busy here at Spree working on our brand new website and you’ll find it simpler and faster to view your savings and purchase your all NEW Spree Book in our shop.

As a result of upgrading our website you can now

• Purchase through a single page checkout
• Order without the hassle of remembering passwords and logging in
• Purchase with multiple payment options including PayPal, American Express, Visa and Mastercard

Enjoy our new site and take it Spreezy!

Team Spree.


David Wood 23rd October, 2014 3:29pm
Love the new site, enjoying my Spree savings
linda cook 4th November, 2014 5:44pm
hi why does the mobile app not work ?? used my last year one all the time this one is crashing cant get on

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