For the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions, simply click on your question and the answer will appear. Don't forget that you can always simply contact us if your query isn't answered below.


Buying a subscription

How can I pay for my subscription?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. 

Can I subscribe for specific days e.g. can I save with Spree every Thursday for a month?
We offer daily access to our eSpree but all other subscriptions start at 4 weekly recurring access, please see our Subscriptions page for more information.

Can I just subscribe to the website?
Yes, we offer a full range of subscription packages to meet our member’s needs. We offer unlimited website access from 4 weeks onwards as part of our Web Pack. 

How can I view all subscription packs?
We offer a range of subscription packages that can be viewed by accessing the Subscriptions page.

Accessing content 
To view more local savings and receive unlimited access you’ll need an active subscription*, view our subscription packs for more information. 
If you have already registered or have an active subscription to a pack then ensure you have logged in to your account. When you look at the top of the page, if you’re logged in then your personal welcome will be visible. If you’re not signed in then you will see a prompt to login/register. 
*eSpree only packs do not offer web access.
I don’t want to subscribe; can I still buy Spree on this website?
Once you have registered, you can enjoy and view Spree books and Spree Deals on our website. 
If you would like to take advantage of latest savings in your inbox then register and sign up to our newsletter today.
If I download or print off a voucher, will it still be available free?
Yes, if you have downloaded or printed off a voucher this use will come off your account and choose to use it again in the same month, this voucher will be available depending on the number uses determined by our merchants. 
For unlimited savings, check out our subscription packs for more information. 
Can I access my subscription on more than one device?
Yes, we want you to access your Spree savings in the way you want. 
How often are savings/merchants updated? 
We work hard to bring you the most up to date local savings throughout the day. Our eSpree editions are published Monday to Friday. 

Account and subscription management

How do I manage my account?
The Preference Centre is your hub for managing your email preferences, personal and payment details as well as your active and recent subscription purchases. 
I can’t remember my account password
Click login / register on the top right button of our website and then click forgotten password on the next screen. We will send you an email with a temporary password to get you going again. 
Can I cancel my subscription?
If you have an active subscription with a recurring payment then you can stop the payment from renewing by informing the subscription team immediately. Your unlimited access will end at the end of your current subscription term. 
Please have your email address and subscription details available when contacting us.
Spree book Subscriptions
Phone: 01224 621000
Email Us: enquiries@spreebook.com
NB: If you purchased your subscription through a third-party application (e.g. iTunes or PayPal) please refer to their relevant terms and conditions. 
How do I change my personal or payment details? 
When you are logged in to your account, you can view and update your personal details and manage your payment details.
Login and access your details.

Ultimate Pack and Spree Deals
How does it work?
When you subscribe to our Ultimate Pack you will receive unlimited access to website content.
How do I receive my Spree book?
We will send your printed edition of the current Spree book within 10 working days of payment to cover the full Spree book savings. These vouchers can be redeemed the same way by presenting the voucher at the merchant to time of use, before the expiry date. 
My Spree book printed book hasn’t arrived
Our Disruption Team will send your Spree book to the address provided at point of purchase within 10 working days of payment. 
If you’ve been waiting for longer than 10 working days then please contact our Disruption Team by calling 01224 621000. 

How do I access my eSpree?
When you have an active subscription to an eSpree pack you can click on eSpree to login and access your local savings. Once you have logged in, click redeem against your account. 

My device has updated and the app content is blank, can I get my eSpree back?
Sometimes the eSpree app or your mobile device needs an update. Simply use your email address and password to log in the app or online and your eSpree can be viewed once again.

Top 5 FAQs

You can purchase an additional/replacement card in the 'Shop' section of our website

Go to Website , select LOGIN

Select Forgot Password?

Enter your email address and you will be sent an email to reset your password.


You can buy a book in person from us at either of our office locations:

  • Spree Publications Limited, 3 Albert Street, Aberdeen, AB25 1XX (call 012246210007)
  • Spree Publications Limited (Norwich), 5 Chalk Hill House, 19 Rosary Road, Norwich, NR1 1SZ (call 0845 1668 031)

When you recommend a friend you’ll get 5 free vouchers of your choice from the Spreebook in your area (excluding Norwich). You may choose from a maximum of 2 vouchers per merchant from any section.

To recommend a friend, please complete the contact us form with details about your recommendation or give us a call on 0845 1662 987 to order over the phone.

To register you book, please visit our card activation and registration page where all you need to do is simply complete the form to register your card.

Contact Us

Please contact YOUR RELEVANT city, details below, or simply log in to your account, go to your dashboard and raise a support ticket and a member of your Spree Team will be in touch.


Aberdeen - 01224 621000 or enquires@spreebook.com

Fife - 07810 737143 or Yab.Campbell@spreebook.com

Tayside - 0800 0932874 or Tayside@spreebook.com

Plymouth - 07521 786473 or Katie.Bostock@spreebook.com

Norwich - 01603 765877 or Norwich@spreebook.com

Your Spree Book

In your Spree Book you'll find the expiry date of your edition listed in the Terms & Conditions.

Present your voucher to the merchant along with your membership card prior to ordering and receiving your bill to receive your discount.

Please be aware of all restrictions by reading the Spree Book’s standard Terms and Conditions which can be found at the back of your Spree Book.

The “Up to Value” on each voucher is the price limit to which your discount can be.

For example a voucher that states Up To Value £10.95 means your free item can be up to and including £10.95. Please note that it is always the least expensive item to be deducted. If you have two items under £10.95 it will be the lesser of these two that is deducted.

Registering you Spree Book enables complete access our special Spree offers. Registering means you’ll always be notified of Spree updates as soon as they happen, so you can find out first what’s happening at Spree!

Our Spree Registrations Teams are on hand to register your membership card should you be unable to do so or have no access to the internet. Please call the relevant city listed below:-

Aberdeen - 01224 621000

Fife - 07810 737143

Tayside - 0800 0932874

Plymouth - 07521 786473

Norwich - 01603 765877


If you are able to log in, send a support ticket from your dashboard and send us your details.

When you register you’ll need to complete all the parts of the form marked with a star. If you find you can’t register despite having completed all the fields correctly, please contact your relevant city below, by email or phone.

If you can login, then please do so, go to your dashboard and send a support ticket, with all your details.

Aberdeen - 01224 621000 or enquires@spreebook.com

Fife - 07810 737143 or Yab.Campbell@spreebook.com

Tayside - 0800 0932874 or Tayside@spreebook.com

Plymouth - 07521 786473 or Katie.Bostock@spreebook.com

Norwich - 01603 765877 or Norwich@spreebook.com

With the exception of the Restuarants/Family Dining section, each merchant will specifically state on the front of their voucher if they require you book in advance and/or quote Spree.

With the glossy Restaurants/Family Dining section you must always book in advance quoting Spree. When ordering again you must also let the merchant know you are using your Spreebook.

Yes! You can purchase an additional card through our online shop and this can be given to a family member so they can take advantage of your Spreebook.

Please read the terms and conditions of your Spreebook carefully before use (these are found on the inside back cover).

If you have any specific queries about the terms and conditions please don't hesitate to give us a call on 01224 621000


You can buy a book online through our shop.

During August and September of each year you can also help raise funds for the local community by purchasing the book from various schools groups and charity causes in your area. For every book a fundraiser sells they make a minimum of £5.00!

Spree Publications adds on a postage and packing charge as Royal Mail charges us for every book we post and we need to account for the use of packing materials and the time taken to process orders.

Don’t forget you can always collect a book from either of our Aberdeen or Norwich offices and you wont have to pay a penny in postage and packaging charges.

All orders are sent through Royal Mail and we ask that you allow between 3-5 working days for delivery. Should you need to follow up the progress of your delivery please contact us.

You can order as many Spree books as you like!

When priced at the full RRP, if you order five books we will give you a sixth one free. Why not buy one as a gift and take advantage of our Recommend a Friend programme.

Spree Publications Ltd offers a full refund guarantee on the Spree book valid for up to 10 days from the date of purchase. Refunds will only be given on complete and undamaged books.

Our website accepts most cards.

We accept all payments (including Maestro but excluding Amex & Solo) 

Your Account

Spree maintains its own customer database with the information provided by our customers purely for customer service. We do not pass this information on to third parties. You will only receive our up-to-date news and offers.

To change your address, you must first log into your Spreebook.com account.

Select the “Account details' section from your dashboard then select 'Profile details' enter the updated details and hit update. 

To change your email address, you must first log into your Spreebook.com account.

Select the “Account details' section from your dashboard enter the updated details and hit update account details.

To change your address, you must first log in to your Spreebook.com account.

Select the “My Account” tab from the navigation bar, then from your account dashboard select “Profile” and “Change Password”. You’ll now be able to edit your email address.

If you haven’t received your email with your password after 24 hours, please check your junk mail settings and note enquiries@spreebook.com as a safe sender to ensure you do receive our emails.


To sign up for an account simply visit spreebook.com and register as a member, enter all your details and sign-up.


Anyone! If you are looking to raise funds for your school, group, a charity or even your work’s social committee, then Spree can help you!

For more information take a look at our Fundraiser with Spree Section.

Fundraising with Spree is, well Spreasy! The books are delivered to you for your sale which takes place over three weeks. Once your sale has ended, a member of the Spree team will collect any unsold books and collect monies for the sold books. There is no cash outlay and you only pay for what you sell, making fundraising with Spree a risk free way to raise funds!

For more information take a look at our Fundraise with Spree Section.


Anyone! If you are a large national company or a one man band Spree can help you advertise your business – and no money is exchanged between you and Spree. As long as the offer meets the guidelines of Spree then we’re happy to advertise your business for you. For more information, please contact your relevant cities Merchant Sales team , details below:-

Aberdeen - 01224 621000 or enquires@spreebook.com

Fife - 07810 737143 or Yab.Campbell@spreebook.com

Tayside - 0800 0932874 or Tayside@spreebook.com

Plymouth - 07521 786473 or Katie.Bostock@spreebook.com

Norwich - 01603 765877 or Norwich@spreebook.com

To advertise, please contact your relevant cities Merchant Sales team (details below) or telephone them where a member of staff will be happy to arrange a convenient time to come and meet with you and discuss your requirements.


Aberdeen - 01224 621000 or enquires@spreebook.com

Fife - 07810 737143 or Yab.Campbell@spreebook.com

Tayside - 0800 0932874 or Tayside@spreebook.com

Plymouth - 07521 786473 or Katie.Bostock@spreebook.com

Norwich - 01603 765877 or Norwich@spreebook.com

  • Spree's fundraising programme has raised over £2m for schools, charities and community groups
  • Its easy; no outlay - immediate results
  • Spree supports you all the way
  • Low cost, low risk investment - no overheads, high returns.
  • Tested and proven concept
  • Experienced assistance to set up and run your business
  • FREE Advertising for Spree Merchants.
  • Customise your Spree offers and Deals easily on-line.
  • FREE business listing with Spree's business directory.