The Spree Story

The concept behind Spree Publications was developed, promoted, and fine-tuned in Scotland by David Wood in 2000.  The basic principles behind the business developed from a series of logical thoughts:

Promotional vouchers have long been recognised as a successful means of boosting sales across a wide range of the retail sector – shops, dining establishments and recreational centres of various types.

There was a potential market in this sector that was not currently being addressed

There was a solution which would appeal to Merchants and shoppers alike

 What really made the Spree concept special however, was David’s realisation that all communities contain schools looking to raise additional funds for their projects and volunteer groups eager to raise funds for other worthy community projects.  From this combination was born the idea of… “Funds For the Community”

In the first year David Wood established a successful business that raised over £56,000 for local schools and community projects in the Aberdeen area. This success has only continued to go from strength to strength with over £2 million raised for local schools and community projects across the business today. The enthusiasm was obvious from the way in which the public embraced the opportunity to save and the number of retail outlets that found themselves with a sizeable boost in business.

David has now extended a warm hand to Franchisees under a system which everybody benefits.

The Shoppers benefit from the great deals they get from the merchants

The Merchants benefit from additional sales

The Fundraisers benefit from the additional funds they would raise for their projects

The Franchisees benefit from a viable business with a strong residual value

And, most importantly…

Everybody has the satisfaction of knowing they are helping to raise funds for worthwhile projects in their own community. It would be this last that would cement the entire enterprise together…

“Funds for the Community”

  • Spree's fundraising programme has raised over £2m for schools, charities and community groups
  • Its easy; no outlay - immediate results
  • Spree supports you all the way
  • Low cost, low risk investment - no overheads, high returns.
  • Tested and proven concept
  • Experienced assistance to set up and run your business
  • FREE Advertising for Spree Merchants.
  • Customise your Spree offers and Deals easily on-line.
  • FREE business listing with Spree's business directory.