5 Online Challenges to Take Part in During Lockdown

Posted 21st of April 2020

5 Online Challenges to Take Part in During Lockdown

Global lockdown measures have left millions at home and bored as places of work and recreational centers have been shut down. Thankfully, we live in the age of the internet which has demonstrated humanity’s immense ability to entertain themselves even in times of uncertainty. This has spawned hundreds of online challenges on social media that include creating video content or simply sharing their experiences with the world. If you find yourself bored and want to tap into your creative juices, here are some of the internet’s best offerings:


  1. Clap for our carers: In the midst of social distancing and boredom, many around the globe have taken a moment to show appreciation to the healthcare professionals who put their lives on the line to battle the COVID-19 virus head-on. At designated times of the day, people clap in a show of appreciation for them. This is sometimes recorded and uploaded online with the #clapforourcarers.

  2. Flip the switch: This challenge is inspired by a song by the rapper Drake and features at least two people standing in front of a mirror and dancing to it. At a certain point in the song, the light in the room is turned off and once it is turned on, the two people have switched clothing, positions, and even mannerisms. This has led to a slew of people taking part in the challenge with their significant others, parents, and friends. If you and your social distancing partner wish to get creative, here is your chance. 

  3. The toosie slide: Inspired by another recently-released song by the rapper Drake, this challenge simply features people coming up with creative dances to go with the song and uploading their footage to social media. Taking part in this challenge could help you and your social distancing partner to burn a few hours learning new dances and creating one of your very own. 

  4. Me at 20: In these times where many are anxious about the future, looking fondly at the past has become a popular coping mechanism. The #meat20 taps into this with people sharing pictures, videos and stories of them in their 20th year. Feel free to dig through old photographs and content of yourself and share your memories with those around you. 

  5. Lockdownlife: Are spending lockdown on a productivity spree? Are you celebrating milestones with friends and family? Looking at art? #Lockdownlife helps people share their new normal in the face of lockdown measures and can be a way to gain insight into how others are coping as well.


There is hardly a shortage of challenges to take part in online and range from the creative to the nostalgic. Pick whichever one tickles your fancy and share your content with us using the #spreeme!

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